"I worked for the real Contempo Casuals (started by a husband and wife team) before it was purchased by The Neiman Marcus/Carter Hawley people. It was down hill from then on, the quality was garbage."

"Shoppers who's heart and soul had still remained with Contempo made it EXTREMELY difficult to try and shop somewhere else bc nobody else seemed to carry the same styles, Those styles that had a particular "edge" as Contempo!!! They were ONE OF A KIND! NOBODY could hold a candle to Contempo, NOBODY!!"

"I learned my love for visuals and how to manage a small staff with this great company. They were very family motivated and had great benefits that showed they were involved with their associates."

"Contempo did foreshadow the model for a lot of clothing stores today, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, etc."

"Once Contempo closed their doors, I fell into a "deep depressive" shopping state of mind!"